Boarding At HRS

House Rabbit Society SF Bay Area offers rabbit boarding at our facility in Richmond, CA. Many changes have been made to our service in order to keep all visiting and resident rabbits hoppy, healthy and safe. Spa services have resumed and can be requested during drop off. Welcome back!

Note: Due to the emergence of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV2) in California,
all boarding rabbits must be current on their yearly RHDV vaccination in order to board at our facility.


Our rates are for one 4’x4’ Clear Loved Pet pen per night. At this time, we do not offer daycare services.

Single Rabbit

HRS Member - $35
Non-HRS Member - $40


Bonded Pair

HRS Member - $40
Non-HRS Member - $45

Bonded Trio

HRS Member - $45
Non-HRS Member - $50

An over stay fee of $120 per night will be charged to any client who does not pick up their rabbit on the scheduled pickup day.
Our boarding space is limited with no room for extra pens to be set up safetly for over-capacity boarding.

Please review our FAQs and requirements
before making a reservation.


All rabbits boarding with HRS must be vaccinated for RHDV. Proof of vaccination must  be uploaded to the boarding portal in order to move forward with reserving dates. This could be an itemized receipt, vaccine certificate or exam log.

Rabbits vaccinated with Eravac or Filavac must be 7 days post-vaccination for the vaccine to be fully effective. Whereas rabbits vaccinated with the RHDV2 vaccine by Medgene must have both the first shot, the booster shot and be 35 days post the first shot. The Medgene vaccine is more effective but a little more cumbersome with the need for the booster and the full effect timeline being longer.

Boarders should NOT bring any personal items with the exception of any specialty food or treats.

Pickup is between 11am and 1pm daily. This allows for adequate sanitization and turnover of the pens. Drop of is between 1 pm and 4pm daily.

There are no exceptions as safety is our priority.

When Arriving

At this time, foot traffic into the facility is limited to HRS staff and volunteers only. We are asking that boarders follow these procedures when dropping off their rabbit for boarding.

When arriving, pull into the front driveway and park.

Ring the doorbell for the front door located on the right hand side of the porch. A boarding sign will be posted on the door. 

An HRS staff member or volunteer will greet you, bring your rabbit(s) into the boarding room and hand you our Boarding Waiver and Boarding Services documents for you to sign.

Fill in any health, wellness and behavior notes onto the Boarding Services sheet.

Booking Your Reservation

  1. Go to our RevelationPets booking page 
  2. Enter your email address. It is likely that you will need to create a new account, even if you have boarded with us previously.
  3. Input your name and create a password
  4. Fill in your pet’s information. Be sure to include the vaccine information!
  5. Under vaccine, click vaccinated. A button will appear labeled ‘view vaccines.’
  6. Input your rabbit’s RHDV expiration date and upload proof of vaccination – This can include an itemized receipt, exam notes or a vaccine certificate.
  7. Fill in your personal information.
  8. Select your dates.
  9. If your rabbit is bonded to another rabbit, click the “add another pet” button in the left hand corner.
  10. To submit the booking, click the green “submit” button in the lower right corner.
  11. If your rabbits are NOT BONDED, meaning that they need 2 separate pens, submit the first booking, navigate back to the boarding page on and create another booking for that second rabbit.
  12. HRS will contact you via email to be sure that the correct number of pens was booked BEFORE confirming your booking.

Book Your Reservation


Yes! We are offering brushing, nail trims and anal gland cleanings. We are NOT able to provide bottom baths or bottom trims at this time.

RHDV2 is a deadly and robust virus that has an 80% mortality rate. For the safety of the HRS rabbits on site as well as the public rabbits in boarding, we ask that all rabbits be vaccinated. If an outbreak were to occur on site, the Rabbit Center would close for 4 months and all rabbits on site, including the boarding rabbits, would be quarantined at the Rabbit Center as per the guidelines of the California State Vet.

Eravac, Filavac and RHDV2 vaccines are yearly vaccinations. 

Holiday booking will open September 1st at 10am.

Due to changes in protocols and spacing issues we have a strict 5 pen set up. If the HRS boarding is full, HRS does not have the space to accommodate an extra pen setup safely. The overstay fee is $120 per night.

We have a great list of boarding referrals found here.

Because much of the cleaning and care is done by volunteers, personal items can easily be misplaced. Extra items also increase the risk of infectious disease spread.

HRS boarding standard is Oxbow Essentials Adult. We also carry Supreme Selective Adult, Purina complete and Supreme Selective Grain Free. If your rabbit requires a different food pellet, bring it along!

HRS typically has cilantro, parsley, romaine and kale on hand for salads. If your rabbit is particular about their greens, be sure to pack sandwich baggies with their favorite!