Grooming Services

Schedule an appointment for grooming services provided by our staff and volunteers. Each grooming appointment is 15 minutes long so you can shop while you wait, visit our available rabbits or learn more about grooming tips and tricks.

Services We Offer

Brushing - $10

Gentle brushing to assist fur shedding.

Nail Trims - $20

A mani-pedi to keep nails from breaking and overgrowing.

Anal Gland Cleaning – $15

A gentle swabbing and decluttering of the nether regions.

Spa Package - $40

All three services in 1!

*We are unable to offer bottom cleaning, trimming, or clipping services at this time.
For these types of services, check in with your primary care veterinarian.*

Requirements and Scheduling

All appointments have the following requirements, no exceptions made:

Proof of Vaccination

Proof of your rabbit’s CURRENT RHDV vaccination status is required for scheduling an appointment. Proof must be uploaded to the scheduling app. At this time, it is recommended that rabbits should be vaccinated once a year.

Indoor Rabbits Only

Due to the high number of bunnies on site and the ease of transmissibility of diseases (such as RHDV and myxomatous), we are only able to see indoor, vaccinated rabbits.

Scheduled Appointment

Appointments are currently available 1x day a month. Each appointment is 15 minutes in length and each individual rabbit must have an appointment scheduled.

Schedule an Appointment

The safest choice, until your rabbit can be vaccinated, is to groom your rabbits at home.

If you take your rabbits to other grooming services outside your home, prior to taking your rabbits, discuss RHDV with the service provider and what precautions they will be taking to protect your rabbit from this highly contagious disease.

Once your rabbit is vaccinated for RHDV, there is less risk in taking them to a groomer outside your home, as long as the groomer is taking biosecurity precautions.