Low Cost Medical Services

House Rabbit Society SF Bay Area is proud to host low cost medical services that are open to the public. Though services are limited, we are looking to expand them as interest grows! Check out our current available medical services below.

RHDV2 Vaccination Clinic

This is a two-shot vaccine series scheduled 21 days apart. BOTH shots are required for this vaccine and efficacy is 14 days after the second shot. For those that previously received the 2-dose RHDV vaccine, a booster vaccination option is now available!
To learn more about the vaccine, visit
Medgene’s RHDV page.

If your rabbit has been vaccinated with the medgene vaccine before,
select “schedule a booster.”
If you are unsure or if your rabbit hasn’t had the vaccine before,
select “make a reservation”

Location: 148 Broadway, Richmond California 94804
Cost: $50 for the 2 dose series, $25 for the yearly booster
Dates: Every 1st Wednesday and 4th Wednesday of every month

Schedule for a booster shot

Low Cost Spay and Neuter

House Rabbit Society SF Bay Area is slowly restarting the Low Cost Spay and Neuter program. Since medical bandwidth is limited, surgeries are scheduled when our facility has open appointment spots. Typically, this is one to two appointments per week on a Wednesday depending on the facilities currently rabbit population. Surgery is scheduled first come, first serve. All participating rabbits MUST be vaccinated for RHDV. If your rabbit is in need of vaccination, we encourage you to sign up for our vaccination clinic. 

Location: 148 Broadway, Richmond California 94804
Cost: $100 – $200 Sliding scale
Dates: Scheduled individually by staff

Interested in Helping Out?

If you are a practicing veterinarian, RVT, veterinary student or prevet student and would like to help expand our low cost medical services, we would love for you to join the team! Submit a volunteer application here and we will get in touch with you.

Submit a Volunteer Application